Welcome New Homeowners

Welcome to Woodland Pond! 
We are delighted you have decided to join us!
The following information will help you better understand our community:
Woodland Pond has Four Active Community Associations:
The Homeowners' Association Phase I
The Homeowners' Association Phase II
The Lakefront Association, Inc.
The Swim & Racquet Club
Each Association attempts to work closely with one another and the homeowners to protect your investment and to ensure the future viability of Woodland Pond. 
The Lakefront Association membership is mandatory for all homeowners of lakefront lots, and voluntary for all other residents of Woodland Pond. The Swim and Racquet Club is a voluntary association with membership available to all residents of Woodland Pond, First Branch and Gates Bluff subdivisions.
The Woodland Pond community and your property are protected and controlled by two sets of restrictive covenants - the first being one of the homeowner's association where you live (Phase I or Phase II) and the other being those of the Lakefront Association. The covenants provide general guidelines for the use of the property within the community. They regulate the type of building construction allowed and provide rules for the use of the lake. You should have received copies of both covenants at your closing, however, depending upon how long you have lived in the community some of the rules have likely changed.
Please reference the most current information before making decisions relating to the Exterior Alteration Form from the website as it is the most current version. In doing so, this will prevent your application from being lost or misdirected.
Please consider volunteering to serve on a board or committee of one of these associations and/or help with community activities throughout the year. You will be rewarded with the sense that you have helped to improve our wonderful community and meet some fine people in the process. Should you have any questions or comments related to community activities, or policies, please contact a member of the appropriate board.
Board of Directors
Woodland Pond homeowners' Association Phase I & Phase II