Woodland Pond has four active community Associations. Each Association attempts to work closely with each other and the homeowners to protect your investment and to ensure the future viability of Woodland Pond.
Woodland Pond Homeowners' Association - Phase 1
Dean Lee (252-342-4509)
Vice President - Architectural Compliance Committee
Brenda Long (804-748-2063)
Tom Carr (804-748-3315)
Grounds and Maintenance 
Sue Perry (804-393-9533)
Anita Prince (804-768-9222)
Tim Harrison (714-331-8737)
Derrel Lane (804-748-7448)
Woodland Pond Homeowners' Association - Phase 2
Fred Sundstrom (804) 796-3796
Director/Architecture & Landscaping
Susan Houston (804) 717-5280
Ray Hoffmeister (804) 615-4090 Director 
Ken Kunz (804) 334-6894 Director
Curt Powell (703) 999-5816 Director
Woodland Pond Lakefront Association Inc. - Click here
Woodland Pond Swim and Racquet Club -  Click here
Swim and Racquet Club, email questions to: or post questions at
An Overview of the Woodland Pond Homeowners' Associations:
The Woodland Pond Homeowners' Association Phase 1 and Phase 2 are two of four associations serving our community, each with its own specific charters. These associations work collectively to preserve your investment and help ensure that Woodland Pond remains a premier community and a great place to live and raise a family.
The Homeowners' Associations provide value to the entire community and are dedicated to the maintenance, protection and improvement of our community. These efforts include maintaining the front and back entrances and common grounds including the seasonal decorations at both entrances, contracting for seasonal landscaping at both entrances, managing the 128-acre Conservancy, approving and maintaining the architectural integrity of new construction and changes, providing the neighborhood directory and providing the voice for Woodland Pond in community forums. There is also the administrative work required to maintain websites, coordinating with the Phase 2 agent ACS West Inc., to ensure homeowners have what they need when it comes time to buy or sell their properties, and many other fiduciary roles required of all associations and much more. It is no small undertaking requiring time, energy and financial resources.
Woodland Pond is made stronger when its homeowners take an active role in supporting all the Associations. All of the associations are managed by board members who volunteer their time working to ensure that Woodland Pond remains a premier neighborhood community. The Pond, the swimming pool, the courts, the grounds and all the rest of the amenities play a significant role in protecting your home values and making Woodland Pond a great place to live and raise families. We thank those of you that support these efforts and take an active role and welcome everyone to get involved. Let's all do our part!