Woodland Pond is situated on more than 1400 acres and is considered one of Chesterfield's premier communities, much admired for retaining its quiet, original character, unspoiled natural woodlands, and more than 600 fine, architecturally distinctive homes. Home sales average more than $500,000 with some properties valued at more than $1M, all with minimum one acre lots. The 120-acre lake offers its members a great place to boat, sail, canoe, fish and enjoy a beautiful experience on the water. Woodland Pond also offers memberships for the pool, tennis/racquetball and volleyball courts and other amenities. And just next door, is an 18-hole championship golf course available to those that enjoy golfing and dining. Woodland Pond is the perfect place for raising a family that nurtures a sense of community and privacy.
The Woodland Pond Homeowners’ Association Phase 1 and Phase 2 are two of four associations serving our community, each with its own specific charters. These associations work collectively to preserve your investment and help ensure that Woodland Pond remains a premier community and a great place to live and raise a family. 
The Homeowners’ Associations provide value to the entire community and are dedicated to the maintenance, protection and improvement of our community. These efforts include maintaining the front and back entrances and common grounds including the seasonal decorations at both entrances, contracting for seasonal landscaping at both entrances, managing the 128-acre Conservancy, approving and maintaining the architectural integrity of new construction and changes, providing the neighborhood directory and providing the voice for Woodland Pond in community forums. There is also the administrative work required to maintain websites, coordinating with the Phase 2 agent ACS West Inc., to ensure homeowners have what they need when it comes time to buy or sell their properties, and many other fiduciary roles required of all associations and much more. It is no small undertaking requiring time, energy and financial resources. In short, all of our associations work hard to make Woodland Pond a desirable place to invest and live. More information on the role and meeting schedules of the Associations can be found on the Woodland Pond website.    
Some information can also be found in the Neighborhood Directory and was also included in your homeowner’s disclosure package when you purchased here in Woodland Pond. When visiting the website, you can see where there are email lists that you can join that help you to stay abreast of activities and updates in the neighborhood. And don’t hesitate to reach out to one of your board members if you have questions or suggestions for making the community even better. 
All homeowners are subject to the Associations’ Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. Membership requirements vary by association. For example, Homeowner Association membership is required for those living in Phase 2 and it is not required for those living in Phase 1. While voluntary, we would hope that all homeowners in Phase I would contribute their fair share as we try to fulfill our role and obligations. It is a nominal amount and is used to preserve your investment here in Woodland Pond. Residents are encouraged to attend the board meetings; the time and locations are listed on the Woodland Pond website. Attending the board meeting is a great way to better understand the work and value of the Association where financial information is also shared and discussed. It is also an opportunity to share ideas and get actively involved.        
Woodland Pond is made stronger when its homeowners take an active role in supporting all the Associations. All of the associations are managed by board members who volunteer their time working to ensure that Woodland Pond remains a premier neighborhood community. The lake, swimming pool, tennis/pickleball courts, grounds and all the rest of the amenities play a significant role in protecting your home values and making Woodland Pond a great place to live and raise families. We thank those of you that support these efforts and take an active role and welcome everyone to get involved. Let’s all do our part!
Website Usage
Many of the features on this site are limited to members in good standing so please continue your financial support as we continue to protect and preserve the value of all properties as well as those living here in Woodland Pond.  
Best wishes, 
Dean Lee, WPHA Phase 1 President
Fred Sundstrom, WPHA Phase 2 President