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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Homeowners' Recommendations - Business Recommendation

Recommendations from you, the residents of this community, serve as the basis for the following list. If you have recommendations, submit a nomination. The following recommendation is not an endorsement of the business or service by the Woodland Pond Homeowners' Association.

Business Type: Landscaping and Lawn Care
Company: Perry's Premier Lawn Care Service
Contact: Chris Perry
Phone: 804-690-2807
Address: 3350 Grove Ave.
Chester,VA 23831
I was awarded the blue prize for worst hit property by Hurricane Isabel.My yard was a complete disaster with so many trees toppled you couldn't see the house from the street.Once the trees were hauled away I was left with one big hollowed out front yard of clay and tree roots. Chris Perry completely rennovated and restored my entire front and back yard areas with new topsoil,grass seed,fertilizer,lime,mulch,etc. - everything that was needed.He does all my cutting,trimming,weeding and anything else that my lawn needs. What relief it is for me to do nothing but send a check for the work he has done!I am no longer able to care for my own lawn and Chris has been a lifesaver for me. I highly reccommend Chris to anyone who wants a beautiful lawn regularly cared for by a man who truly loves and takes great pride in the work he does.
Recommended by: Jean Copeland
April 3, 2005

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