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Monday, February 17, 2020

Homeowners' Recommendations - Business Recommendation

Recommendations from you, the residents of this community, serve as the basis for the following list. If you have recommendations, submit a nomination. The following recommendation is not an endorsement of the business or service by the Woodland Pond Homeowners' Association.

Business Type: Other
Company: Carefree Gutters Systems
Contact: Robert Ruiz
Phone: 804-337-4485
CGS did a great job on my gutter replacement at a very reasonable price. They provide a "K-gutter" type of gutter with the integrated top cover. It is a very smooth and streamlined look and comes in all colors. They are large gutters and downspouts and the company guarantees them against "no-clog" for life. Scott is very good to work with and the company stands behind their work.
Recommended by: Reginald (Jack) Wickham
October 11, 2004

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