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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Homeowners' Recommendations - Business Recommendation

Recommendations from you, the residents of this community, serve as the basis for the following list. If you have recommendations, submit a nomination. The following recommendation is not an endorsement of the business or service by the Woodland Pond Homeowners' Association.

Business Type: HVAC
Company: Americool Heating and Cooling
Contact: Chip Wells
Phone: 804-276-8296
We had an air conditioner go a few years ago. We got several estimates. Two other companies wanted to sell us a new furnace. Chip told us he'd sell us one, but we didn't need it. He recommended a system using dual fuel heat pump that would switch to the furnace when the temp dropped low enough. Years later the old furnace still has plenty of life and the heat pump works nicely. He also did some duct work for us that has drastically improved life in our house. Now, my kitchen is warm in the winter and cool in the summer! We also had him replace a heat pump upstairs when it finally went. Friends of ours lost their AC on a hot, holiday weekend. Chip went out and replaced a $100 part. Our friends commented that he could have told them they needed a new unit and appreciated his honest assessment. If you prefer high prices and slick and glossy booklets, go with someone else. If you want good, honest work, go with Chip!
Recommended by: Holly Oehrlein Witte
March 17, 2011

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