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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Lost & Found - Post an Item

This form gathers the necessary information to post an item as either lost or found on the WPHA website. The information entered here will be reviewed by a WPHA Board member before being posted on the website. The WPHA Board reserves the right to modify or remove any items from the list at their discretion. It is your responsibility to report an item as returned to its owner to the WPHA Board so that it can removed from the website.

All fields are required. Phone numbers must be entered in this format: 804-555-5555.

Your Contact Information

Your Name:
Your E-mail:
Your Phone:

Item Information

Item Category:
What is the item?
Please describe the item:

Please confirm the above information before clicking on "Submit Item". Once you submit the item it will be reviewed and approved by a member of the WPHA Board before it is posted on the website.


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