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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Lakefront Association

The center point and perhaps the most important amenity in Woodland Pond is the lake. It covers approximately 125 surface acres with about 12 acres in the dam, spillway, boat ramp, picnic area and contiguous parcels. The lake is private for member's use expressly for the purpose of boating, sailing, canoeing, fishing or similar recreational uses. A voluntary board whose organization and membership form the "Woodland Pond Lakefront Association" oversees the maintenance and use of the lake.

Access and use of the lake shall be for members and their immediate families. A member must accompany all guests. Gasoline motors are not permitted for use on the lake, and boats must be 18 feet or less and propelled with manual or electric power. Only boats owned by Woodland Pond property owners are allowed on the lake. All Virginia game and fishing laws apply when using the pond.

The Architectural Control Committee shall approve architectural structures such as docks, piers, bulkheads, etc. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed while on the pond, and no domesticate waterfowl or livestock shall be set upon or maintained on the lake. Use of the pond is limited to the daylight hours, normally sunrise to sunset.

The Pond has a healthy fish population and excellent water quality. It is the sole purpose of the Lakefront Association to maintain the integrity of the lake and to provide a safe and proper environment for its members' use.

Please feel free to contact the board members in order to get involved in the Association. We welcome and value your input!

Lakefront Association
P.O. Box 286
Chesterfield, VA 23832
E-mail: lakefront@woodlandpond.org

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