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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Architectural Standards & Exterior Alterations

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(Revised April 23, 2003)


Building additions included, but are not limited to carports, garages, chimneys, decks, greenhouses, porches, rooms, and deck enclosures.

1.1    The design of additions shall be consistent with the existing shape, style, and proportion of the dwelling as follows:

Siding, roofing, chimneys, decking, and trim materials shall match the existing house materials as to finish and color.

New windows and doors shall match those existing as to style and color.  They shall be located on walls at the same approximate height and vertical plane as the original units and be similarly trimmed.

Roof eaves and fascias shall be the same depth, style, and approximate height and all roof slopes be proportionate to the original.

1.2    The following conditions shall determine the acceptability of new addition locations:

The compatibility architecturally, or the new structure to the old structure in terms of the style and the design is an important factor in the acceptability of any addition.

Additions shall not adversely affect drainage conditions on adjacent properties through changes in topography.

It is important on additions to locate the current drainfield and reserve drainfield so they are not impeded upon.

1.3    Application Requirements for Additions

The following must be submitted with the completed application: 

A site plan and complete set of architectural drawings paralleling those required for Chesterfield County building permits.

The site plan must show relationship of proposed and existing construction to property lines.  In some instances the Committee may ask for the location of adjacent dwellings. 

Drawings should be to scale of proposed construction including elevation views of each exterior wall including dimensions and locations of features as doors, windows, roof lines, trim and proposed exterior lighting.  A complete description of materials including type of siding, roofing materials, trim materials, colors, etc.


2.1    No satellite dish in excess of one meter in diameter will be allowed on any lot. All allowed satellite dishes must be installed in the rear of the lot, out of view of the main road if adequate signal can be received there.  (You cannot block the signal.  If they can only receive the signal in the front yard, they are allowed to put it there.)


3.1    No exterior clotheslines shall be erected or maintained at any time on any lot.


4.1    Decorative objects must compliment the architectural and landscape design of the property.


5.1    Dog houses must be located in the rear of the property, out of view of the main road.

5.2    Dog houses and dog runs shall be visually screened from the main road and adjacent properties by plantings, approved fencing, etc.

5.3    Exceptions to the above will require from the ACC.  It must also be at least 15 feet from all property lines.


6.1    Patios and walkways must compliment the architectural and landscape design of the property.

6.2    Efforts should be made to retain as many trees as possible


7.1    The column itself needs to be on the resident’s side of the driveway culvert.  This ensures better views for safety purposes.  Brick that dovetails to the street pavement needs to be kept to a minimal height for safety reasons.  Please note that these are being built on highway right of way (are not owned by the property owner) and the highway department has the right to ask you to change, modify, or remove these structures.  The Association suggests you also contact the highway department for approval prior to installation.

7.2    Application Requirements for Driveway Columns/Entrance Brickwork:

A description of any wall, proposed column, driveway lining, etc.  drawn to scale must be submitted.


8.1    All exterior lighting shall be installed in such a manner that it will not intrude on adjacent property or public rights of way, and shall be aesthetically planned for each location.  Flood lights and various types of high output lights shall be contingent upon impact on neighboring property and roadways.

8.2    Exception to the above requirements must have the approval of the ACC.


All mailboxes, temporary or permanent, shall be of the design and type listed below.

9.1    Only the standard approved mailbox, mailbox post, and lettering shall be allowed.

9.2    The approved color for mailbox post paint is Benjamin Moore, vinyl acrylic, latex stain, Seagull Grey #08972.

9.3    Planting or any decorative object cannot impede the identification number or delivery of mail.


10.1  Approval is required only when the siding or trim of a house is to be painted     or stained a color different from its existing color.  The new paint or stain is considered to be different if either the color of the shade differ from the original, or if paint is changed to stain or vice versa.

10.2  Application Requirements for Painting and Staining:

The following must be submitted with the completed application.


11.1  The above must be located in the rear of the property.

11.2  Exceptions to the above guidelines must be approved by the ACC.


NOTE:  Chesterfield County Health Department should be contacted regarding application for pools to verify the location of the drainfield and the reserve drainfield.

12.1  Approval is required for all permanent in-ground pools.  Above ground pools are not allowed.

12.2  An application will be considered using the following criteria:

The size of the pool in relationship to the house must be of reasonable proportion.

12.3  Application Requirement for Pools – Private:

A site plan paralleling that required by Chesterfield County for building permits showing locations and dimensions of the pool, other related equipment, fences, etc., in relation to the applicant’s house and property lines.

A detailed drawing of the pool, deck, lighting arrangements, walkways, fence type, proposed grading, landscaping, and information concerning the water supply system, drainage and water disposal system.


13.1The choice of material to be used in residing is left to the discretion of the owner.  It is the owner’s responsibility to ascertain this material meets Chesterfield County’s building and fire codes which apply to exterior materials.

13.2  When the proposed residing material differs in color or texture from existing siding on the residence, or if it results in a change in architectural style, it shall be consistent or compatible with the style and color of siding materials on homes immediately surrounding it.

13.3The style of existing trim work at soffits, corners, eaves, windows, and doors, and of accent panels, shutters, or other stylistic features shall be retained in the residing design.  This will be considered an important requirement where these elements contribute to the visual continuity of the neighborhood.

13.4  Vinyl is allowed as a material in re-siding.  In the approval process of the vinyl, the Committee will evaluate the type and quality of the vinyl.  It is important that the vinyl have the proper detail to maintain the existing architectural integrity of the home.

13.5  Vinyl for dormers must be specified prior to approval.

13.6  Application Requirements for Residing and Restyling:

The following must be submitted with the complete application.

14.  SIGNS

14.1  No sign shall be displayed on any lot except one sign of not more than six square feet advertising the property for sale or rent.  If addition-type work/painting or roofing is under way the builder/contractor may display a sign of no more than six square feet while construction is in progress.  All signs need to be removed upon completion of the work.

14.2 All signing pertaining to the entranceway and common area must be approved by the ACC prior to display.


NOTE:  Chesterfield County building permit is required for the construction of all sheds or storage buildings.

15.1  Written approval is required for construction or installation of all storage buildings.  Approval is contingent upon the applicant building or installing a sturdy, permanent structure.

15.2  Roofing, siding, and trim of the storage building shall generally be of the same material as the dwelling. 

15.3  A storage building will be of the same architectural style/family and have a compatible color scheme as the residence.

15.4  It is important that the storage building either be on a concrete slab, brick foundation, or a salt treated foundation where the structure is given a solid and level appearance from the street and adjacent neighbors.

15.5  The storage building shall be located in the rear of the property.

15.6  A storage building shall not be larger than twelve (12) feet by sixteen (16) feet.  Anything larger will be treated as a garage.

15.7  Application Requirements for Storage Buildings:

The following must be submitted with the completed application:


The preservation and natural features and the feeling of openness contributes greatly to Woodland Pond’s appearance.  The purpose of these guidelines is to provide each residential lot with an atmosphere of larger open areas.  The street side of every home is visually public when related to open space or roadways.  Fencing, when carelessly placed, encroaches on this feeling of openness.

16.1  Written approval is required for installation of all fences.

16.2  Front yard fencing is not allowed except in very unusual circumstances such as a small picket fence that works with the front of the house.  Rear yard fencing is allowed.  The ACC will not approve chain link wire for permanent fencing.  Privacy fencing is discouraged and will only be allowed in rare situations where there are extenuating circumstances.

16.3  If fencing is already constructed on the property, additional proposed fencing must be of the same material, color, and style as the existing fence.

16.4  Gates shall match the fence material, color, style and height.

16.5  The following are the types of fencing allowed:

A three rail, split board fence.  Black or dark green wire can be utilized on the inside of this fence to control animals.

Three or four board traditional fencing that is generally painted.  As above, dark green or black wire can be installed on the inside to restrain animals.

Traditional picket fences.

16.6 Application Requirement for Fences:

The following must be submitted with the completed application:

16.7  Fencing should not consume the entire rear areas, so as to define property lines. 


17.1  The current approved roofing materials for re-roofing on homes in Woodland Pond are cedar shake, cedar shingle, Grand Manor by CertainTeed (Stonegate Gray, Colonial Slate, Brownstone, and Black Pearl are the approved colors), imitation slate, and Hendrix tile.

17.2  The approved roofing materials for new construction in Woodland Pond are as above with the exception of cedar shake and cedar shingle.

17.3  Any deviations from the above require approval by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).


18.1  The property maintenance includes the upkeep of lots, buildings, and other improvements consistent with good property management, property trash disposal, and animal control. 

18.2  Each property owner has the following responsibilities:


Boats, boat trailers, campers, recreational vehicles, oversized vehicles or utility trailers may be on a residential lot but only within an improved enclosed or screened area such that they are not generally visible from adjacent properties.  Plans for such enclosed or screened areas including the size, design, specification, exterior color, finish and location must be approved by the ACC prior to construction.

19.1  Application Requirements for Screening

The following must be submitted with the completed application:

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