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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Community Activities

Here at Woodland Pond there are groups of people doing their very best to make our neighborhood better, they will be thrilled to have you in their groups. Don't wait anymore and join the groups that share your interest!

Richmond offers up food to fit every taste, you can find African, Indian, Spanish and Vietnamese. You could be sitting in a small locally owned and operated place or in an intimate upscale restaurant, the diversity is amazing so if you enjoy eating outside and enjoy the extra company, go ahead and join the Lunch Bunch group. They organize Lunch at various restaurants throughout the area!

Do you want to learn about Virginia gardening, Horticulture, Conservation & Flower arranging? Great! You will be welcome at the Garden Club.

Do you like Bridge? Good news! You could join the Bridge Club and have lots of fun enjoying the company of others and the exciting game of Bridge.

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